Darkside – Pyschic

Psychic is the debut album by Darkside, released by Matador Records in 2013.

The album is incredibly complex musical experience fraught with moments of fragility, sadness & euphoria. Combining ambient soundscapes with rolling electronic grooves and funky psychedelic guitar riffs the album is something to be experienced. Having seen this act live with no prior knowledge of them they were immediately captivating. The music is original, creative and untainted by any commercial need for success. It is a piece of art reminiscent of the early work of Pink floyd and if you immerse yourself in its labyrinth of emotion you are guaranteed to discover something special.

1. “Golden Arrow”
2. “Sitra”
3. “Heart”
4. “Paper Trails”
5. “The Only Shrine I’ve Seen”
6. “Freak, Go Home”
7. “Greek Light”
8. “Metatron”

Electronica A complex, innovative and original album, A captivating blend of ambient electronica and funky grooves.