Deftones – Koi No Yokan

Koi No Yokan is the seventh studio album by the American alternative metal band Deftones. The album was released through Reprise Records on November 12, 2012, in the UK and November 13, 2012, in the United States.

The album is a lush sonic experience, the songs are densely layered with spacey vocals, grinding guitar riffs and unnerving ambiance. While still retaining the aggression of previous albums Koi No Yokan stands out for its focus on melody. It could be the bands strongest album to date and its refreshing to see an act reinvent itself without losing its core sound. Every song is rich with emotion and chino’s unique vocal style only helps to further trap the listener into their world.

Highlights – Swerve City, Tempest, What Happened To You

Track Listing:

1. “Swerve City”
2. “Romantic Dreams”
3. “Leathers”
4. “Poltergeist”
5. “Entombed”
6. “Graphic Nature”
7. “Tempest”
8. “Gauze”
9. “Rosemary”
10. “Goon Squad”
11. “What Happened to You?”

Alternative Rock