† Carpenter Brut † TURBO KILLER † Directed by Seth Ickerman † Official Video †

This provocative and stylish grind house music video kicks back to the early days of exploitation cinema when cars were fast, women loose and a soaring soundtrack made it seem like the world was about to end. Its a rip roaring ride to hell and back in outer space.

Written & Directed by Seth Ickerman
Produced by Seth Ickerman & No Quarter
Music by Carpenter Brut (facebook.com/carpenter.brut)

Joëlle Berckmans
Noémie Stevens
Guillaume Faure
Marc-Antoine Frédéric

Line Producer: Seth Ickerman
Production Manager: Aimée Merlandt
Make up and hair designer: Florence Rodriguez
Visuals Effects: Seth Ickerman
Director of Photography: Philip Lozano
Assistant Camera: Malek Krimed
Gaffer: Arthur Benoist
Grips: Emmanuel Vicarini, Guilhem Monceaux, Lise Rozé
Manager: Alexis Perrin

Evelyne Madaoui
Samuel Renollet
Fred Lambardo
Philippe Guillemain
Julien Thiry
Marcin JP
Matteo Lovadina
Mathieu Leblanc
Quentin Ameziane
Vincent Ricavy
Jean-Jacques Neuer
Jean Marc Daste
Studio de L’Olivier (Yves Boujenah & Djamel Ferrag)

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